XMovies8 is a streaming site whose story being almost ten years ago when we created it for the first time. It started like any other small website at that time, with a little collection of movies and series but in a year or two it started to gain pretty much popularity and was one of the most successful sites at that time. Meanwhile we started to be too busy with our work to be able to focus on this free streaming site anymore so we have closed it for an undetermined period of time. A few more years have passed and now look at us in the present, coming back with XMovies8 because now we are finally free and we can focus all our work in bulding this website and making it to be the most popular streaming platform in the world with the help of our loyal visitors who still remember the old XMovies8 website.

We started to work on XMovies8 just about two months ago and finally we have left the beta version behind and now everyone can enjoy the final version of this streaming site. We are currently using the most popular design theme among the streaming sites but we really think this is not a problem because it works great, perfect functionality, easy to use, clean, minimalist and modern in the same time. It has all the characteristics that should be available on this kind of site and we are happy to use it. Also, we've made a lot of customizations and now the design looks more personal.

Even if we are talking about just a few months of work creating XMovies8, our database already contains around 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 50.000 episodes. It is not really the biggest collection from the whole internet but for sure is enough for the majority of visitors to find something good to watch on our website. If you are searching for a movie or serie and you can't find it, please send us a request and we will publish it in less than a day. All the movies and tv shows available on XMovies8 can be streamed for free in Full HD quality. We really respect our visitors and that's why we don't publish movies with less quality than HD. The only exception are the old movies from the times when HD wasn't even invented yet or the latest released movies who are recorded in CAM quality in the cinema and we have to publish them like that for a few days until the good quality version is released. Other than that two exceptions, all our content benefits of HD quality. Also, thanks to the suggests of our visitors, we've recently made an update regarding the foreign content and we have added suitable English subtitles on all the movies and series that needed a translation so now all the people can understand these productions.

XMovies8 website is very well structured because we focused a lot on this capitol. We have a huge database of movies and series and this fact also requires very good organizing skills so the people can easily find what they are looking for when browsing through our huge collection. For this purpose, all the content is structured under categories, tags, genres, years, networks, producers and more. In the same time, there are pages where we sorted the movies and shows by Popularity, Rating, Most Favorite or Top IMDb. All these pages can help you either get some inspiration when looking for something good to watch or they can help you find the content that you already decided to watch. As well you can use one of the two search forms available on XMovies8 to type in the exact name of your favorite movie or content and you will find it instantly.

This streaming website is completely free and does not require registration in order to stream movies and series in HD quality. We are not asking for anything in return for our services and we are supporting the financial costs of keeping this kind of website alive from our own funds but you can still help us a lot if you bookmark XMovies8 so you can access it easier next time and also if you share it on Facebook or make a story on Instagram so your followers will discover this website too.